Rachel Pook

Me! just so you have an idea who is writing this blog.

An urge for adventure teamed with huge admiration for Paul Theroux’s travel writing has led me to this project.

After seven years working at News International for The Times I decided to escape the confines of Fortress Wapping and do some exploring.

Armed with my passport, a backpack (gulp – how to pack for all eventualities!) and some sensible footwear I decided the trip needed a purpose.
My inspiration was partly drawn from author Julia Llewellyn Smith, who wrote Travels Without My Aunt, about venturing into ‘Greeneland’ and following in the footsteps of Graham Greene.
I was also inspired by Paul himself, as he has already retraced the steps of his most famous journey, The Great Railway Bazaar in his recent travel book Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, where he finds his return trip entirely different from the first he took back in the seventies.

I have decided to retrace Paul’s steps in what is my favourite of his travel books The Old Patagonian Express.
Picking up his journey in Costa Rica (in August) I look forward to seeing the places Paul Theroux visited and learning how they have changed and what shapes them in 2010.

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